Skillz Games Free Money No Deposit Promo Codes July 2023

Skillz Games Free Money No Deposit Promo Codes July 2023

Skillz Promo Code

No deposit promos at Skillz are a little bit weird. There is no overarching Skillz app where you can play all their games, and instead, all games under the Skillz umbrella must be played via their own unique apps — as such, Skillz no deposit promo codes tend to vary per app.

This makes it a pain to find Skillz coupons. The good news is we’ve done the hard work for you and have gathered all the most popular Skillz app promo codes, which you can find in this one-stop-shop guide. You can redeem 100 ticketz, free $1 for referrals, and more.

Skillz is a legit platform that gives players the chance to win real cash prizes playing a variety of games. These games differ from many of the usual games that you would find at sweepstakes casinos in that rather than relying on luck, these games all have a heavy skill element. And with no deposit promo codes, you can get started for free.

Discover more on Skillz Games through our review, or click one of the links to play free cash games like on Skillz with a $10 no deposit bonus or more:

5,000 WOW Coins on Sign-up + 300% First Purchase Bonus
367,000 Gold Coins + 32.3 Free Sweepstakes Coins
360,000 Free Coins + $12 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus
Unlock 70,000 Gold Coins + 32.5 FREE Sweepstakes Coins
10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash
5 FREE SC + 600 Diamonds + 250 Game Coins
125,000 Free Tournament Coins (TRN) on Registration
100,000 Gold Coins & 1,000 Super Coins
5,000 GC + 2 SC No Deposit + 200% First Purchase Bonus
2000 Loyal Coins + 2.5 Royal Rubies
88,800 Tao Coins + Daily 100 Free Coins
125% WELCOME BONUS + Up to $1250

Skillz Game Apps Promo Codes That Work

While there are a lot of promo codes that are unique to specific Skillz games, there are also some that you will find on just about all of their apps. In the below table, we cover some of the common Skillz free cash promos you’ll find.

Bonus TypeBonus Value
No Deposit Welcome Bonus30 Z-Coins (Varies By App)
First Deposit BonusPartial Deposit Match In Bonus Cash (24 Hour Time Limit)
Refer-A-Friend Promo$1 In Bonus Cash
Daily Login Rewards100 Ticketz
Hourly Login RewardsFree Z-Coins

One thing you’ll notice playing at any Skillz app is that the no deposit Skillz promo code is usually pretty mediocre, consisting only of their free-to-play currency Z-Coins. You can also get Ticketz which can be redeemed for prizes — however, it’s always a tiny amount. Even their referral bonus isn’t a great no deposit bonus, as you’ll only get $1.

So while there are some decent promotions shared between apps, most of them require you to make a real money deposit — as such, it’s more like a Skillz discount code rather than a Skill free money promo code.

Though one good thing is that there is no Skillz no deposit promo code required for their welcome bonus and daily rewards. In fact, the only coupon code that is needed is for the referral bonus. For that bonus, your friend must enter in your username as the promo code to trigger it.

Best Skillz Coupon Codes in 2023

A lot of the best bonus codes are app-specific promotions. With that being said, not all games under the Skillz umbrella have the same types of bonuses, and some are invariably better than others. In my experience, I’ve found that these three really stick out.

  • Blackout Bingo 100% First Deposit MatchBlackout Bingo is arguably the crown jewel of Skillz, so it’s not surprising to see that it’s got a pretty good welcome bonus. With this bonus, when you make a first deposit of $10, you’ll get an additional $10 in Bonus Cash. You can deposit more if you want, but the bonus is capped at $10. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ve only got 24 hours to claim this bonus.

blackout bingo header

  • Pool Payday Deposit $7 Get $4 Bonus Cash FreeWhile not as lucrative as other bonuses, the Pool Payday first deposit bonus is probably the best Skillz promo for a non-bingo game. With this bonus, when you make a first deposit of at least $7, you’ll get $4 in Bonus Cash.
  • Bingo Cash $10 100% First Deposit BonusThe Bingo Cash welcome bonus is exactly the same as the Blackout Bingo bonus. If you make a first deposit of at least $10 in your first 24 hours after signing up, you’ll get $10 in Bonus Cash.

No Skillz coupon code is required for any of these bonuses. Just download the mobile app and sign up to get started.

For more unique bonuses specific to individual apps, you’ll need to check your email after signing up, as that’s where their developers send most of their coupon codes.

Skillz Promo Codes & Bonus Cash Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions behind Skillz promos can be a little bit tricky to understand as just as bonuses will vary based on individual apps, so too do the terms & conditions. One thing that doesn’t change though are the terms & conditions tied to Bonus Cash. These rules are pretty unusual and can often stump newer players — so to clear up any confusion, I’ll take you through everything you need to know.

The first thing to know is that Bonus Cash is non-withdrawable. When entering a match, the entry fee will be paid with 90% of your real cash and 10% of your Bonus Cash — although if you don’t have enough real cash, additional Bonus Cash will be used. If you win, the portion of your prize that made up your entry fee will be returned to you in the same way you paid (usually 90% real cash, 10% Bonus Cash). The additional prize money comes in the form of real cash.

There are no playthrough requirements, so Bonus Cash will never turn into real cash. Further, once you do make any sort of withdrawal, all Bonus Cash will immediately be forfeited and removed from your account.

It’s a weird type of bonus. While most of the other terms & conditions of Skillz bonuses are more normal, I do recommend that you always read them thoroughly to make sure that there are no further weird details like the above.

Redeeming Promo Codes at Gaming Apps

One good thing is that regardless of which promo code you’re looking to redeem, the process is pretty similar.

  1. Download the relevant app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Open up the app and register an account. Skillz assigns a random username if you fail to link your existing account.
  3. Once you complete your registration your welcome bonus will be immediately credited to your account — no promo code required.

It’s pretty easy. Just keep in mind that there isn’t any no deposit promo code for their real money currency, and their welcome bonus is only for Z-Coins.

Though if you do want to save money by getting extra Bonus Cash, you can by claiming the first purchase bonus. The exact specifics of these will vary based on which app you download, but they are usually only available for 24 hours.

Types of Skillz Free Money Promo Codes for New & Existing Users

While a Skillz promo code may vary based on which app you play on, you’ll find the same types of promos across apps. Below are the most common bonuses available at Skillz apps.

Free Money No Deposit Bonus

All the best sweepstakes casinos will offer a free money no deposit bonus. Unfortunately though, Skillz doesn’t follow in their footsteps being classed as an eSports gaming app. While you can get a no deposit welcome bonus when you sign up to a Skillz app, these promos award only the monetarily worthless Z-Coins. It’s better than nothing. But it does pale in comparison to other sweepstakes casinos.

Match Bonus

Match bonuses are probably the best bonuses for a Skillz app.

Skillz Match Bonus

With a match bonus, when you make a deposit, you’ll get your deposit matched in the form of Bonus Cash. These promos are standard among most Skillz apps, though the best one is usually the first deposit match which you’ll have 24 hours to claim after signing up.

These bonuses are decent, but the weird terms & conditions surrounding Bonus Cash tend to make them sub-par compared to other deposit match bonuses offered by other sweepstakes casinos.

Free Bets

Nothing is given out for free with Skillz games. While it is possible to get free bets by redeeming your Ticketz for Bonus Cash, it takes 20,000 Ticketz to get $1 in Bonus Cash — and since you generate 1 Ticketz per standard game, you’re looking at a few hundred hours before you get a free real money game.

As such, free bets aren’t really a thing at any Skillz game.

Referral Coupons

The refer-a-friend bonuses are another really poor type of bonus. I like the Skillz coupon code idea of using your own username as the referral code — however, the reward of $1 for you and your friend when they make their first deposit is pretty bad.

It’s one of the lowest referral bonuses around, just compare it to the Chumba refer-a-friend offer. These bonuses can vary based on which app you’re using, though if they’re as low as the standard $1 reward, I’d probably skip them.

Login Rewards

There are generally two types of login rewards for a Skillz game. The first is a two-hour bonus where you can claim free Z-Coins for logging in every two hours. The second login bonus is the daily login bonus which will award you 100 Ticketz for each day that you log in.

Loyalty Rewards

The Skillz rewards program is a monthly tier system that attaches a multiplier to any Ticketz you win.

Skillz VIP Program

Starting off with Bronze at 1x, you can work your way to the Black tier, which will award you x6 the amount of Ticketz you’d usually win once you reach it. You retain your perks for the next month, but you’ll slide down a tier if you don’t get enough Ticketz that month.

Skillz Apps Promo Codes Compared to Sweepstakes Casino Bonuses

While there are a lot of bonuses available on Skillz apps, it definitely feels like a case of quantity over quality. If you’ve never played at a sweepstakes casino you might think they’re good — but compare them side to side with more common sweepstakes casino bonuses and Skillz alternatives, and the differences are night and day.

SkillzSweepstakes Casinos
✅Lots of Bonuses✅Lots of Bonuses
✅Free To Play✅No Purchase Necessary Policy Guarantees Promotional Play Is Always Free
❌Deposit Required For Real Money Play✅Great No Deposit Welcome Bonus
❌Bonus Cash Is Non-Withdrawable✅Daily Login Rewards
❌Lack of No Deposit Real Money Bonuses✅x1 Playthrough Requirement On Bonus Funds
❌Paid contests and tournaments heavily restricted✅Cash prizes available in 48 states
✅Multiple Ways To Get Real Money Premium Currency

And when you compare them to the top-end sweepstakes casinos, the results stick out even more. WOW Vegas awards new users 1 free SC just for registering and a further 1 SC for every day that you log in. Or at the extreme end, look at High 5 who awards 5 free Sweepstakes Coins just for registering — in comparison, you would need 100,000 Ticketz to get an equivalent value at any Skillz game.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a no-contest. The Skillz promos just can’t compare to most sweepstakes casinos.


Skillz is a leading mobile gaming platform that hosts a variety of skill-based games developed by different game developers. On the surface, it’s very intriguing. However, while there’s a lot to like about the various Skillz games, the mediocre Skillz promo codes really hold them back.

I don’t want to say too much bad about Skillz, as in truth I see a lot of potential. But with that being said, I think this is one to keep on the back burner for now.

If you are looking for a sweepstakes casino where you can get started for free with a free money no deposit bonus code, check out our recommended US sweepstakes casino page for an up-to-date list of the best sweepstakes casinos.


  • Is there a Skillz promo code free money no deposit 2023?
    No. While a no deposit welcome bonus is available at Skillz apps, it only awards new users the monetarily worthless Z-Coins.
  • What is the expiration date for the Skillz first deposit promo?
    The Skillz first deposit bonus has an expiration date of 24 hours after you’ve created your account. Though do keep in mind that this can vary based on each Skillz app.
  • What are the best Skillz coupon codes for saving money?
    There are no Skillz promos that award free money without needing a deposit. However, you will occasionally get Skillz promo codes sent to your email that will allow you to get Bonus Cash when you make a deposit.
  • Are there any sweepstakes casinos that offer genuine no deposit free money promo codes?

    Yes. All of the best US sweepstakes casinos offer new users free money as part of their no deposit welcome bonus. WOW Vegas is my favorite — offer 1 SC just for signing up via our links, though High 5 and Pulsz are also well worth a look. For more details on the best sweepstakes casinos offering no deposit welcome bonuses, click here.

Best Sweepstake Casinos
High 5 Casino

5 FREE SC + 600 Diamonds + 250 Game Coins

McLuck Casino

Unlock 57,500 GC + 27.5 FREE SC Sweepstakes Casino

10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash on Sign-Up

WOW Vegas Casino

5,000 WOW Coins on Sign-up + 300% First Purchase Bonus

Fortune Coins Casino

360,000 Free Coins + $12 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus

Pulsz Casino

367,000 GC + 32.3 Free SC

5,000 WOW Coins on Sign-up