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Sunshine Sweeps Casino

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Sweepstakes casinos offer players in the US the chance to play at real money casinos regardless of which state they reside in, and with Sunrise Sweeps Casino claiming to offer a 300% welcome bonus, it’s no wonder many new players are starting to take notice. But is Sunrise Sweeps all that it claims? To save you some time, the answer is “No.”
  • Nothing
  • Few games available
  • No reviews from players
  • Full of links redirecting to offshore casinos
  • No TOC page
  • No company informations
  • No customer support
  • Impossible to register
The 300% bonus isn’t real. And unfortunately, this isn’t the only thing that is shady about Sunshine Sweeps — as while they may present themselves as a legitimate online casino, they aren’t even really a casino. If you’re interested in seeing how we came to this conclusion, read ahead. However, if you’re more interested in signing up to a sweepstakes casino that can live up to its claims — check out our reviews on WOW Vegas, Fortune Coins,, and Pulsz Casino.  
5,000 WOW Coins on Sign-up + 300% First Purchase Bonus
367,000 Gold Coins + 32.3 Free Sweepstakes Coins
360,000 Free Coins + $12 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus
Unlock 70,000 Gold Coins + 32.5 FREE Sweepstakes Coins
10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash
5 FREE SC + 600 Diamonds + 250 Game Coins
125,000 Free Tournament Coins (TRN) on Registration
100,000 Gold Coins & 1,000 Super Coins
5,000 GC + 2 SC No Deposit + 200% First Purchase Bonus
2000 Loyal Coins + 2.5 Royal Rubies
88,800 Tao Coins + Daily 100 Free Coins
125% WELCOME BONUS + Up to $1250

Sunshine Sweeps Welcome Bonus

Sunshine Sweeps Casino Bonus
Sunshine Sweeps Casino
Sunshine Sweeps Promo Code None
First Deposit Bonus 300% Deposit Match
No Deposit Bonus N/A
⏱️Availability N/A
Other Promotions VIP Rewards Club
While the above may sound decent — don’t get your hopes up. As far as I can tell, there is no way to actually claim this bonus because by clicking on the promotional link, you’ll be redirected to one of many shady offshore illegal casinos that don’t offer a 300% welcome bonus. While I haven’t done an in-depth dive into any of the casinos you’re redirected to, they all seem pretty dodgy, and I’d recommend staying clear of them. You can check out our Sunrise Slots no deposit bonus codes, Casino Castle promo codes, or the Vegas Rush casino bonus code pages to get a rough idea of how all the associated casinos to Sunshine Sweeps fare. For Sunshine Sweeps though, it’s a case of them making promises they can’t keep. Instead, if you’re looking for an online casino that can back up what they offer, check out WOW Vegas, who offers a 200% welcome bonus when you make your first deposit of $9.99, plus a free no deposit bonus on sign-up of 5,000 WOW Coins, plus 1 SC.  

Sunshine Sweeps Free Daily Rewards and Promotions

Promotions and daily rewards offering free sweeps coins are common among most sweepstakes casinos. Unfortunately, Sunshine Sweeps doesn’t provide any daily rewards. While they do claim to offer regular promotions, in my research, I couldn’t find any Sunshine Sweeps promo besides their welcome bonus. They do claim to offer some sort of VIP rewards program. But unfortunately, this is another area where there is little information floating around, and clicking on any of the links relating to any Sunshine Sweeps bonus will only redirect to an equally shady offshore casino similar to Ozwin Casino. Instead, if you’re looking for a sweepstakes casino that offers regular promotions and daily free coins, check out Fortune Coins, who’ll give you 100 free fortune coins just for logging in each day.  

Our Expert Findings on Sunshine Sweeps

✅The Good Stuff ❌The Bad Stuff
Nothing really Small game library
No player reviews
Site full of links redirecting to shady offshore casinos
Owner information is impossible to find
No terms & conditions page
No customer support
Impossible to register
Lack of transparency
Not a casino
In summary, Sunshine Sweeps is awful. I could dance around the subject and give them some fake points for a somewhat well-developed mobile site and an interesting mechanic where they rate their games from 1-5. But they don’t deserve it. It doesn’t take an expert to see that something is seriously off with Sunshine Sweeps — and that thing is that they aren’t a casino. So if they aren’t a casino, what are they?

What is Sunshine Sweeps?

Despite their claims of being one of the leading online sweepstakes casinos, Sunshine Sweeps appears to be little more than a site full of links leading to illegal offshore casinos. Sweepstakes casinos were developed initially as a legal way to bring real money casino games to US residents that live in states where online casinos are banned. Sunshine Sweeps does not fall into this category though. While they may claim to be a sweepstakes casino, they simply aren’t.

How to Play at Sunshine Sweeps Casino

Playing at social casinos is usually very simple.
  1. Sign up.
  2. Get free gold coins and free sweeps coins.
  3. Start playing casino games for real cash prizes.
With Sunshine Sweeps though, this isn’t the case, and even trying to sign up with them is next to impossible. Join Now Button Common sense would suggest that clicking on the “Join Now” button would take you to their sign-up page. However it doesn’t. Instead, like so many of the links on their homepage, clicking on the “Join Now” button will redirect you to a different shady offshore casino. So how do you sign up? You can’t.

Who can Play at Sunshine Sweeps?

Sweepstakes casinos traditionally allow players 18+ to play with them in almost any state across the US. It’s one of the main selling points of a sweepstakes casino. But with Sunshine Sweeps, you can’t register due to all their sign-up buttons leading to external sites. As such, while there may be claims that anyone can play at Sunshine Sweeps, the reality is that since it’s impossible to sign up, no one can play at Sunshine Sweeps.

Is Sunshine Sweeps Casino Legit?

Sunshine Sweeps Casino
Accessibility Desktop & Mobile Devices
Operating Company Unknown
Software None. Site Claims Otherwise But This Is False
Purchase & Redemption Methods None. Site Claims Otherwise But This Is False.
Unsurprisingly, for a site this shady and vague, it’s virtually impossible to find any concrete info on how they operate. There are no player reviews. And while they do claim to offer some great banking options for both depositing and withdrawing — you can’t actually do either of those two things as it’s impossible to sign up. Are they safe? Well, it’s impossible to enter in any sort of information, so there’s no chance of them stealing any personal info in that manner. However, given that the majority of the buttons on their site lead to other shady sites, I would say Sunshine Sweeps is not safe. Are they legit? This is a much simpler question to answer. No. They aren’t even a real casino. While they may claim to offer round-the-clock customer support and some of the best banking methods — the fact remains that none of that is accurate, and it’s impossible to register.

Sunshine Sweeps Mobile Site Layout & Features

Sunshine Sweeps Casino Mobile Layout The Sunshine Sweeps mobile site is fairly well optimized for most mobile devices. You’re able to easily scroll down and see all relevant information, click on the same buttons, and be redirected to the same illegal offshore sites. Similar to the desktop site, you can click on any of the slots that they claim to offer and read a brief description of them, though of course, any attempt to play them will lead to you being redirected to a completely different casino. Overall, I’d say that the mobile site is just as good as the desktop site. With that being said, that’s not much to brag about, as both are really bad. If being able to play casino games on your mobile is important to you, then I recommend Pulsz Casino, who not only has a great mobile site, but also a terrific app that’s available on both iOS and Android devices.  

Sunshine Sweeps Casino Games Lobby

With 20 games listed on their site, the Sunshine Sweep game lobby isn’t all that impressive. Although in this section, we’ll be covering the games that Sunshine Sweeps claims to offer.

Sunshine Sweeps Slot Games

Sunshine Sweeps Casino Slots Slots make up the vast majority of the games at Sunshine Sweeps. One of the few things that I actually like about Sunshine Sweeps is that they have a rating tool in which they rank all their games on a scale of 1-5. With that being said, having played many of these slots — the ratings appear to be way off, and a game like Sword of Ares by Pragmatic Play deserves no less than four stars. Clicking on the icon of any of these games will bring you to a small review page. Unsurprisingly though, if you click the “Play Now” button, you’ll be redirected to an offshore casino that most likely doesn’t even stock the game you’re looking for. Scrolling further down the page, they do have a section for Betsoft. But it’s nothing more than a single sentence claiming that some of their games have been developed by Betsoft — of course attempting to play any of those games will take you to an offshore casino, and for the record, none of those casinos offered any Betsoft games. Instead, if you’re after a casino that stocks Betsoft games and offers real money play for the chance to win cash prizes, the WOW Vegas slots lobby is the place to be.  

Sunshine Sweeps Table Games

Table games are pretty much nonexistent at Sunshine Sweep. While there is a small section on their homepage that states that they offer “… many excellent table games…”, this is a complete lie. It is impossible to play table games at Sunshine Sweeps. There isn’t even a button that will supposedly take you to their table game section. Instead, the only mention of table games is restricted to a single paragraph that simply claims that they stock them.

Other Sunshine Sweeps Games

Similar to the above, Sunshine Sweeps does claim to offer other games like video poker and keno — but there aren’t any actual ways to play any of these games. Even for a legitimate social casino, this wouldn’t be too surprising, as most tend to focus on slot games. Though if you are looking for a site where you can play real money table games and other exciting games outside of slots, give a look. They offer all of the most popular table games like blackjack and roulette — plus a couple of unique games like their variant of Crash and Plinko.  

Are Sunshine Sweeps Casino Games Fair?

All of the games listed on the Sunshine Sweeps homepage are fair. They’re produced by mainstream slot developers like Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, and Genii — so when you’re playing them, you can rest assured that they are fair. Sword of Ares Slot However, you can’t actually play any of these games at Sunshine Sweeps. There’s no history of players ever getting paid out, nor are there any reviews. Are they fair? No. While a lack of playable games may also mean a lack of unfair games — the fact remains that Sunshine Sweeps advertises itself as a leading online casino, and given that they aren’t even a real casino, I’d say they haven’t given a fair account of themself. Their games are nonexistent. Any attempt to play them will redirect you to an illegal offshore casino. Are the games at those casinos fair? Probably not. While I didn’t review each site I was sent to, using my own personal judgment, I think it’s pretty obvious that any casino trying to attract customers using this method isn’t going to be any good.

In-App Purchase Methods

Sunshine Sweeps claims to offer a host of great banking options, including cryptocurrencies, as well as more conventional options like credit/debit cards. However, you can’t actually purchase coins at Sunshine Sweeps. There’s no button to click. And even if there were, it’d most likely send you to a random site. If using banking methods like crypto interests you, then currently, the only legit sweepstakes casino that offers this is Though if you’re after the more normal banking methods, then you’ll find that most social casinos like WOW Vegas, Fortune Coins, and Pulsz offer depositing methods like Skrill and credit/debit card deposits. As part of the “No Purchase Necessary” policy that all good sweepstakes casinos employ, you never have to deposit real money to play, and you’ll always be able to get free sweeps coins. Though to take advantage of deposit bonuses, it’s usually a good idea to make a deposit.

Redemptions at Sunshine Sweeps Casino

Redemptions at Sunshine Sweeps have a similar problem. There are many banking options advertised, though they simply do not exist. There are mentions of a quick withdrawal process along with a requirement to verify users before they can make a withdrawal, but there are no actual ways to win or withdraw funds. Banking at sweepstakes casinos is traditionally slightly more complicated than banking at a traditional real money casino due to the dual currency system that most social casinos employ. One is monetarily worthless, while the other is the real money premium currency. You can’t buy the premium currency directly, and this can confuse some players who think that if you can’t purchase the premium currency, then you also can’t win cash prizes. But this isn’t true. Usually, the way it works is that you’ll buy a gold coins package that includes “free” sweeps coins (the premium currency) of the equivalent value of your purchase. You then play with this premium currency as if it were real money. Then when it’s time to withdraw, you trade in the sweeps coins for your real money. For a full guide on how banking works at sweepstakes casinos, check out our guide on Sweepstakes Casinos Banking: How to Add Money and Cash Out Prizes.

Customer Support & Contacts

Like so many things regarding Sunshine Sweeps, customer support is something that is promised but not delivered. There’s no FAQ, live chat, email — or really any way to contact them despite their claims of 24/7 customer support. Even checking through Facebook, which is usually a great way to get customer support at social casinos, I couldn’t find anything on Sunshine Sweeps. Though you shouldn’t need customer support. It’s impossible to register, and the only question you should have is, where can I play at a legit sweepstakes casino?

Verdict From Our Sunshine Sweeps Casino Review

So how does Sunshine Sweeps stack up against the best sweepstakes casinos? It doesn’t. While it may masquerade as a casino, the simple truth is it’s little more than a site full of links to illegal offshore casinos. If you’re looking for legit sweepstakes casinos that offer real money play and are available nationwide, check out our homepage.  


  • Can I win real cash prizes for playing at Sunshine Sweeps?

    No. Sunshine Sweeps does not allow you to play games. As such, despite their claims, it’s impossible to win real money playing at Sunshine Sweeps.

  • Are Sunshine Sweeps Casino games rigged?

    No. All the games listed on the Sunshine Sweeps homepage are legit. It’s just that you can’t play any of them (or any other game for that matter) at Sunshine Sweeps.

  • What is the current Sunshine Sweeps Casino promo code?

    Sunshine Sweeps does not have a casino welcome bonus code. Further, while they do claim to offer a 300% welcome bonus, any attempt to claim this bonus will lead to the user being redirected to an alternative illegal offshore casino.

  • Is Sunshine Sweeps Casino free play?

    No. It’s impossible to play casino games at Sunshine Sweeps.

  • There is no terms & conditions page at Sunshine Sweeps, so it’s impossible to determine where it’s legal. Though given that they aren’t a real casino, it doesn’t really matter.

  • What casino games can I play at Sunshine Sweeps?

    None. While Sunshine Sweeps may claim to offer a variety of slots, table games, and other specialty games like keno — they don’t actually offer any games.

  • How long do redemptions take at Sunshine Sweeps?

    Sunshine Sweeps does not offer any sort of redemption.

  • Can I play Sunshine Sweeps games with my phone?

    No. The Sunshine Sweeps site is accessible via all mobile devices. However, both mobile and desktop sites are the same and feature no playable casino games.

  • Is Sunshine Sweeps Casino safe?

    Not really. While the lack of registration means that Sunshine Sweeps won’t steal your information directly, nearly all buttons and links will redirect you to an illegal offshore casino. These casinos haven’t been reviewed by us. But given their shady nature, we recommend you don’t play at any of these casinos either.

  • Are there better free online casinos than Sunshine Sweeps?

    Yes. While Sunshine Sweeps may be shady, there are plenty of sweepstakes casinos that operate above board and even offer the chance for users to play for free. WOW Vegas, Fortune Coins, Pulsz,, and are our favorites.

300% First Deposit Match Bonus
Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
1.0 Overall Rating
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